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Hunter Beless

Ask Me Anything | Bonus Episode

In honor of Journeywomen’s first birthday my friend Sarah Pape flipped the tables on me and asked your questions in the same way we would have chatted if we were sitting over coffee. It’s casual, fun, and more than anything, an attempt at saying thank you for all of the tangible help, love, prayers, and support you’ve extended to me throughout the last year. It is genuinely my joy to get to walk this out with you guys on the weekly! Thank you for journeying alongside me! I also want to thank our sponsor for today’s episode: Lady Golden Eagles soccer camps. If you’re into soccer or you know someone who is, you’re definitely going to want to check it out. I’ll give you more details as we get into the interview, but for now, let’s move on to my conversation with Sarah Pape in which I answer a few of your questions. 

  1. How did you get the inspiration to start a podcast?  How did it all begin?

  2. How do you invite Brooks to lead? How do you encourage him to practice Spiritual Disciplines?

  3. How do you guys connect and build intimacy with each other in spite of your busy schedule?

  4. Do you have a set of family values or a mission statement for your family?

  5. How do you preach the gospel to yourself when you really just want to do something mind numbing?

  6. What advice do you have for a new believer?

  7. How do you get anything done with two little kids?

  8. What do you like to do to care for yourself other than read your Bible?

  9. What does it look like to develop lasting friendships when your lifestyle is so transient?

  10. How do you make time to study the Bible? What other books are you reading and enjoying?

  11. What are your simple joys?

  12. Who has had the greatest impact on your journey with Jesus?



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The Lady Golden Eagles Soccer Camps are run by Kathleen Paulsen, the women’s soccer coach at John Brown University in Arkansas. At camp, they will work on fine-tuning individual technical ability while creating a competitive environment. The JBU coaching staff believes that the game of soccer is a picture of life and that the lessons learned on the field will play out in life. At camp they are committed to raising up a generation of young people who lead on and off the field, while using Christ as our example of ultimate servant leadership. For more information on these soccer camps, visit their website at!



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