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Life’s a journey we were never meant to walk alone. We all need friends along the way! On the Journeywomen podcast we’ll chat with Christian leaders about gracefully navigating the seasons and challenges we face on our journeys to glorify God.

Journeywomen is a truth-filled, gospel-driven resource for women seeking to gracefully navigate the seasons and challenges they face on their journeys to glorify God.

A journeywoman is seeking to glorify God each step of her journey. She’s asking things like, “How can I glorify God through opening my home? How can I glorify God by memorizing scripture? How can I glorify God using my gifts, like teaching, writing, or serving? How can I glorify God in my season of waiting, singleness, transition, or depression?”

We hope you'll tune in, subscribe, and learn from mentors and friends who have encouraged and challenged us on our journeys to glorify God. New episodes of the Journeywomen podcast will be released every Monday morning. Hop over to Instagram or Facebook for quotes, snippets of interviews, and more information throughout the week!


Meet the Team

Hunter Beless

Hunter Beless

Hunter Beless believes God has called her to seek after those whom he has awakened to guide them back to their Heavenly Father. She exercises this God-given design through her roles as a wife, mama, and podcast host. Though they stumble often, she and her husband, Brooks, strive to display God's covenant-keeping love through their marriage and oneness. They have three children and love journeying through life together for the glory of God. You can find her on Instagram.

Kimberly Wootten

Kimberly Wootten

Kimberly Wootten, known as Kimbo, is an assistant to the Journeywomen podcast. God has called her to be a light in dark places and has specifically designed her to bring order to chaos. Kimbo loves to find efficient and effective solutions to solve problems and seeing others thrive in their God-given design. She lives in Clarksville, TN with her husband Garrett and son Rhett.

Kriste  Janczyk

Kriste Janczyk

Kriste has a passion for finding unique ways to glorify God by imaging his role as Creator. While she enjoys her freelance work as a photographer, writer and illustrator, her favorite job title is Mama to Gray and Indiana. Kriste’s creative work has been featured in The Knot, Deeply Rooted Magazine, Cottages and Bungalows, Madewell, Trouve Magazine, Artful Blogging and HGTV.com. Kriste’s simple joys include soy chai lattes, stacks of books and tacos of all kinds. You can follow her creative journey at www.rosemary-and-thyme.com and on Instagram.

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