ep. 01 on journeywomen

ep. 01 | Introduction to Journeywomen


Welcome to the very first episode! It humbles me that you desire to tune in. Honestly, I hesitated to record an introductory podcast because this whole thing really isn’t about me, but I was convinced by a few friends of mine that you might like to know a little more of the heart behind the show.

As some background, I started listening to podcasts about 4 years ago while walking the streets of Fort Hood. As I listened to two gals banter back and forth about nutrition on The Balanced Bites podcast, I fell in love with the communication median of podcasting. I must be an auditory learner or something. Or maybe I just idolize productivity and love learning and being entertained while I’m doing practical tasks. That’s probably it. Anyway, my dream to host my own show was appropriately born walking the sidewalks of a military installation.

Since then, my husband Brooks and I moved two times with the army and welcomed two babies into our home. Our oldest, Hadley, is two and a half and our youngest, Davy, will be a year old in august. At the end of 2016 I finally felt like God gave me a passion and vision for the kind of podcast I’d like to launch into the world. That is where the Journeywoman Podcast was born. The name Journeywomen comes from my own personal identification as a journeywoman. I am a journeywoman for Jesus: one who is sent out to point others back to their Heavenly Father.

My hope is that the show will further equip and encourage us to glorify God as we navigate the challenges we face as Christian women. A journeywoman is asking things like, “How can I glorify God through opening my home? How can I glorify God by memorizing scripture? How can I glorify God using my gifts, like teaching, writing, or serving? How can I glorify God in my season of waiting, singleness, transition, depression, etc?”

Each episode, I’ll introduce you to guideposts who have pointed me to Jesus on my own spiritual journey. I hope that our conversations will offer solidarity and camaraderie, as well as encouragement from mentors who can offer the wisdom of years and experience. If we’re doing this right, Journeywomen will be a place to equip and encourage Christian women to practice disciplines today to develop into the kind of women we want to be in 20-30 years.

While I do hope that the podcast will be able to come alongside you as you’re doing dishes, cooking meals, cleaning, commuting, or pushing your babies on a walk, I don’t want to give the impression that it will in any way serve as a replacement for genuine, life-on-life community that happens within the local church.

To use one of my favorite quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, God created us to do life together under the Word of God. My hope is that Journeywomen will be a tool for creating or enhancing conversations that you’re sharing with sisters in your local church over coffee, while you’re working, as you’re pushing babies in swings, or whatever it is that you do!  

Alright, I think that’s enough explanation for now. I’d love to know more about who you are and what you're doing as you listen! The best way to find me is on Instagram @hunterbeless or @journeywomenpodcast. You can also find me on Facebook. I’ll be sure to link everything in this show and on future episodes in the show notes that you can find at hunterbelss.com. Thanks so much for joining me! Hope you enjoy the show.