ep.02 on sharing the gospel

ep. 02 | Sharing the Gospel with Sarah Pape

Today on the show I’m chatting with my dear friend Sarah Pape. Sarah is a writer and photographer who lives in Dallas, TX where she juggles being a full time wife, blogger, and friend. Whether she'll will admit it or not, Sarah is so faithful to share the hope that she has in Jesus. That’s what we’ll be chatting about on Journeywomen today. I can’t wait for you to hear from her on the topic of sharing the Gospel.

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Sarah and I cover the following questions in our discussion on sharing the Gospel:

  1. What is the Gospel? Why do we share it with others?

  2. Do you remember when you first heard the Gospel?

  3. When did you develop a passion for sharing the Gospel with others?

  4. Practically, what does it look like for you to approach someone and engage them with the Gospel?

  5. Is there an organic way to approach someone? What might that look like?

  6. Do you approach people you’ve known for awhile differently than someone you’ve just met? Is there some kind of rule about having to know someone for a certain amount of time before it’s socially appropriate to talk about deep stuff like this?

  7. I’ve heard people say that sharing the Gospel isn’t something that they’re gifted at. Do you think believers are exempt from sharing the Gospel simply because they’re not “good” at it?

  8. There’s an awkward affiliation with doing it, right? Did you feel awkward when you first started? How did you overcome that?

  9. How do you fight the tendency to use sharing the Gospel as a way to earn God’s favor?

  10. What are some things you’ve done well in sharing the Gospel? How about some things you’d never want anyone to know about/follow?

  11. You’re married—can you share a little about what it looks like for you and Ben to practice this discipline together?

  12. If you haven’t shared one already I’d love to hear the story of the most impactful time you’ve ever shared the Gospel.


Three questions I ask every guest

  1. What 3 resources would you recommend for someone who wants to learn more on this topic?

  2. What are your 3 simple joys?

  3. Who has been the most impactful person in the way you share the Gospel or in your own journey with Jesus?


Note worthy quotes:

 “Am I convinced that One died for all, and therefore all died, and I died to live for Him? Because right now, I’m not living for Him, I’m living for myself. It is more of a priority for me to be comfortable than it is for me to potentially give somebody the Truth and eternity” (13:34).

 “Am I really convinced that this is the way to heaven? Am I really convinced of all of this?” (14:30).

 “I really like to ask questions. I think that is the least invasive way to get into that (Gospel) conversation and the most natural” (20:24).

 “Asking questions and really seeking to understand while helping piece things together has been really helpful for me to make sharing the Gospel feel more natural. We are all Gospel sharers — Gospel of something — it’s natural for us to talk about the things that are important to us. It’s ironic that this would be the one thing that we don’t want to talk about” (24).

 “Girl if you say, ‘Lord, give me some opportunities, you better buckle up because He will provide. Ask for eyes to see those opportunities, the courage to take them, and the ability to transition into a conversation about the Gospel” (24:08).

 “It’s really great to go in sometimes and not have a set plan, but to ask questions and be like, ‘Alright Spirit, do your thing!’ because that’s when 1) you get the feel the Spirit alive and at work in you and 2) you’re reminded that it’s not because you’re cool, good with your words, or that you can sell something to somebody, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit. That’s not practical, but it’s like, ‘Pray it up girl,’ and let Him do His thing.”

 “Just as much as you preach the Gospel to non-believers, you need to preach it to yourself, first of all, and to your spouse and to your friends. If I’m not living or walking in the newness of life, I need my people to see that and to tell me. When that becomes part of our daily thinking and conversations, it’s natural for it to spill forth from our conversation with others. I want to be able to have the Gospel pouring out of my mouth in every scenario I can” (29:42).


My favorite takeaway from my time with Sarah was when she said that just as much as you preach the Gospel to non-believers, we need to preach it to ourselves, first of all, and to our spouses and to friends. She said when the Gospel becomes part of our daily thinking and conversations, it’s natural for it to spill over into our conversations with others. Ya’ll! I desire that for myself! I’m so grateful for Sarah’s wisdom on sharing the hope that she has in Jesus with others! Be sure to find her information in the show notes if you’d like to follow her for more good stuff! Thanks so much for listening!


Sarah’s recommended resources

Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges

The Topical Memory System Verses on the Gospel

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones


Sarah’s simple joys

Calphia Almond Milk Chocolate Noir Coffee

Nate Berkus collection at Target

Micro Pigs


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