ep.01 on forgiveness

ep. 01 | Forgiveness with Carrie Langemeier

Today I’m interviewing Carrie Langemeier, a lover of truth, teacher of God’s word, and encourager of women. Carrie is the best friend, helpmate and wife of Craig Langemeier, the chief ministry officer at Pine Cove Christian Camps. She’s also the mother of five beautiful children, a master decorator, and the author of an upcoming parenting book that I wish I could have read two years ago! On this show we talk about forgiveness. Carrie shares about her own journey to forgive her father. She shares about her experiences counseling many women struggling with unforgiveness, and even gives us some tidbits about how to encourage our kiddos to forgive one another when they’ve been wronged. I definitely felt conviction to address unforgiveness in my own heart after this one! I hope ya’ll enjoy hearing from her as much as I did!

Carrie and I cover the following questions in our conversation on forgiveness:

 1. What is forgiveness?

2. What was your first memorable experience with forgiveness? What did the process of forgiving that person look like? (You can talk extensively about your personal journey with forgiveness here.)

3. Is forgiveness a one and done deal, or is it an ongoing process?

4. If you had to map out a journey to forgiveness, what would that look like? 

5. What can we do when we’re stuck, ruminating on the cause of our hurt?

6. Are we always called to forgive? What if the person isn’t sorry for what they’ve done?

7. What about the person who is continuing to hurt me? Or the person who is evil? What if we don’t really want to forgive them for what they’ve done, or we don't think they deserve it?

8. What would you say to someone who is putting up walls to protect themselves from being hurt again? 

9. We know the heart of forgiveness rests in the Gospel. Is it possible for someone to truly forgive if they aren’t hidden in Christ? 

10. How can we know if we’ve truly forgiven?

11. Add on parenting question if we have time: how do you shepherd and encourage your kids to forgive (especially one another) when they've been wronged?


 Three questions I ask every guest

1. What are your top 3 resources for someone on this topic?

2. What are 3 books (of all genres) that you find yourself recommending again and again?

3. Who has been the most impactful person in your walk with Jesus?


 Quote worthy notes

 “Forgiveness is instrumental to our walk with the Lord. The lack of forgiveness between believers is where the enemy has his greatest successes.”

 “Living with bitterness and unforgiveness is like a weed in your garden. It has tendrils that go down so deep. The picture I had was that this weed was in my heart and in the center of my body and that these tendrils of bitterness wrapped around every one of my toes in my entire body and no matter how much I wanted to live a life pleasing and honoring to God, that bitterness and unforgiveness was choking out my joy” (9:20).

 “Forgiveness has less to do with your horizontal relationship and everything to do with your vertical one.”

 “No matter what you’re walking through in a conflict, whether you’re asking forgiveness or someone is asking you for forgiveness, the most freeing thing I tell myself is that I am not responsible for their response. That’s between them and God. I am only responsible for my obedience.”

 “Forgiveness doesn’t make sense in the temporal. It is very much a spiritual exercise.”

 “The process of forgiveness is not a pretty process.”


 Carrie’s recommended resources

Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

“Jessica’s First Prayer” Lamplighter Books

“Teddy’s Button” Lamplighter Book


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