How can I listen and subscribe to the podcast?

Stream through our website. We post the audio at the top of the show notes page for each episode. Simply search for the specific episode and push play near the top.

Download episodes to your phone, tablet, or computer. For iPhones and iPads, many listeners use the free Podcasts app that is on your device. Open the app, search for “Journeywomen,” and hit subscribe.

If you are using an Android, consider using the Stitcher app. In Stitcher, search for “Journeywomen” and click the plus sign (+) to add it to your Favorites List. Now go to the Favorites List. Tell it to download new episodes by clicking the gear in the upper right corner.

Listen on Spotify. If you use Spotify, search for "Journeywomen" under Podcasts and Videos. You can listen there to any of the episodes.

How can I make a recommendation for a topic or guest?

We plan topics and guests for the podcast months in advance. We are currently not accepting submissions, but we will update the website to accurately reflect when we are looking for recommendations. 

What are your favorite resources for Bible study?

We are constantly curating our resources page on the website and hope you will check that out! You can also follow @journeywomenpodcast on Instagram or Hunter's personal page @hunterbeless to see when she shares new information!

Can I feature Journeywomen on my site or interview hunter for my podcast or  magazine?

We are honored you would ask! We'd love for you to share our content and link back to our website, Facebook, or Instagram account as appropriate. For interviews or articles, please contact us at and we will be in touch.

How can I rate and review the podcast?

From your phone, you can visit our Instagram profile to watch a saved story that walks you through how to rate and review the podcast in iTunes. Thanks for being willing to support the show in this way!

From your computer, open the Journeywomen Podcast in iTunes and click on "Ratings and Reviews." There is a button where you can then "Write a Review." 

How can I contribute to or support Journeywomen?

If each of our listeners gives $1 it will greatly enhance our ability to continue equipping, challenging, and encouraging our listeners. Check out the giving page for more on how you can financially sponsor the ministry of Journeywomen! Also, sharing the podcast with people in your life and/or leaving a rating and review on iTunes helps get the podcast into the hands of other women on their journeys to glorify God.

How can I partner with Journeywomen through giveaways?

The best way to partner with Journeywomen is to become a podcast sponsor. If you're interested in learning more, please email

I’m interested in podcasting! How did you get started?

We always point people to the Start Your Podcast guide by Jacey Verdicchio. This guide lays out very clear steps to follow!