ep. 100 Celebrating God’s Faithfulness to Journeywomen


ep. 100 | Celebrating God’s Faithfulness to Journeywomen

Today marks 100 episodes of the Journeywomen podcast! We can’t believe it and we are absolutely giving God all the glory and praise for the way in which he’s blessed the work he has set before us. Today the Journeywomen team is recapping some of our favorite Journeywomen episodes, rehashing a few noteworthy quotes, and sharing how the lessons we learned from these episodes have changed the way we go about our days.

Journeywomen would be nowhere without God’s grace, and one of the ways that he’s shown us his grace is through you guys! We are so grateful for your prayers, for the way you share the podcast, and for every review you’ve written. We’d love to hear from you about your favorite episodes! Hit us up over on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for all of your love and support over the past 100 episodes. We are so grateful for your love and support as we crawl towards glory.

From him, to him, and through him, be all things. To him be the glory forever.


Humility with Hannah Anderson | ep. 69 

“Humility is a right self-concept where you understand who you are as a limited, created person who is a servant to her King. It means embracing the boundaries of our humanity.”

Freedom from a Self-Focused Life with Ruth Chou Simons | ep. 96 

“If we see ourselves as image-bearers - if sanctification is conforming us to the likeness of Christ - if we see that rightly, then my job today is not to create in myself the image of who I want to be, but to allow myself to be transformed by his conforming me to his image.”

Growing in Godliness with Nana Dolce | ep. 61

“Even if what I did for the most part today is repent, repentance is some daily progress in the way.” 

“You’re not able to repent unless the Spirit of God is working in you to will and to work. Go ahead and press on. If all you’re doing is crawling, crawl.”

Comparison with Abigail Dodds | ep. 94

“You want imitate to principles, not methods.”

The Global Church with Gloria Furman | ep. 83 

“You know the world is round. It’s turning on its axis constantly. It’s always morning somewhere. I love to think about this particularly on Easter because we have that refrain on Easter morning, you say, ‘He is risen, he is risen indeed.’ The refrain is echoing around the world as the world is turning. It’s always Easter somewhere on that day. ‘He is risen, he is risen indeed’ is always echoing for 24 hours as the global Church is waking up to remember the Good News again to remember that Christ is risen. Even if it’s not on the calendar day, the Church is waking up to say, ‘He is risen!’ To consider the echoes of our praise here on earth in the throne room of heaven, constantly, around the clock, is just really neat to think of.”

The Local Church with Susan Hunt | ep. 84 

“The chapter in the Westminster Confession on the Commune of saints says, “All saints that are united to Jesus Christ by his Spirit, have fellowship with him and his grace, sufferings, death, resurrection, and glory. It does not stop there. Much of Christendom today would put a period there, but the Westminster divines did not. All saints that are united to Jesus are also united to one another in love. And it goes on to say, they have communion in each other’s graces and are obliged to the performance of such duties, public and private, as due to their mutual good both in the inward and outward man. That’s radical in our culture that says independence is power. We are to live interdependently. We are to be united. And we actually have communion. Your gifts and graces belong to me. I need your gifts and graces and you need mine. We are actually obliged--that’s a strong word--but we are obliged to perform these things for the mutual, good. Thinking of the common good rather than our own good again, runs against the grain, but it’s right and it’s good, and it’s the way we are supposed to live.”


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