ep.10 on beauty and how it relates to our spirituality

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ep. 10 | Beauty and How It Relates to Our Spirituality with Kelly Stuckey

On this episode of the Journeywomen podcast I had the joy of chatting with Kelly Stuckey about beauty and how it relates to our spirituality. Kelly is a follower of Christ, wife to Zach, momma to Everett, small business owner, beauty industry educator, hairdresser, and makeup artist. She recently made the transition from doing hair full-time to being a mom and focusing on the growth and leadership of her team at Crown Beauty Bar. Prior to having her son, Everett, Kelly and Zac struggled with infertility. Kelly shares how her view of beauty expanded when they found out that Everett has the most common form of dwarfism, Achondroplasia. This journey changed her perspective on beauty and taught her to accept that all people are made in the image of God.

As someone who tends to take things too seriously, my lightbulb moment with Kelly happened towards the end of our interview when she said that experiencing beauty should be fun! Duh! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself. I hope ya’ll find our conversation as enjoyable as I did. As mentioned, you can find out how to connect with Kelly at the links below. Be sure to drop by her social media accounts, Crown Beauty Bar or Crown Uptown in Fayetteville to let her know what you learned from her today!

  1. Can you share with us a little about who you are, your family, and the story behind Crown Beauty Bar?

  2. How have your thoughts on beauty evolved over the years?

  3. Why do you think we’re drawn to physical beauty? On the flip side, why do some people have an aversion to pursuing physical beauty?

  4. Is there a distinction between outward and inward beauty?

  5. What are some ways we can express our inner beauty outwardly?

  6. How do you pursue physical beauty without obsessing over it?

  7. When do you know that your desire for beauty is becoming vain? Are there signs we should be on the lookout for? How far is too far with beauty routines?

  8. How do you accept the things you can’t change (physically) and balance the cost and effort of changing the things you can?


Three questions I ask every guest

  1. What are your top three beauty products/tips/tricks/people to follow/etc?

  2. What are your 3 simple joys?

  3. As a journeywoman, who is the most impactful person in your own journey with Jesus?


Note Worthy Quotes

“My view of myself changed entirely because I started seeing myself through God’s eyes and not through the world’s eyes.”

“For the longest time my platform was building a brand and all of a sudden my identity grew. I wasn’t just Kelly, follower of Christ, wife to Zac, Crown Beauty owner. I am now a mother.”

“Inner beauty is what makes outer beauty shine."

“So many people are beautiful, but if they can’t operate in kindness, their beauty is dead. There’s no life behind it. True beauty contains life.”

“There are no accidents.”

“Everett changed my life. When I think of beauty, it’s not the way I used to think about it. If you asked me that question five years ago I would tell you that beauty has symmetry, balance, the right mix of colors, or whatever. Now when I see beauty it’s something that’s flourishing in it’s own element in how it was made. That’s what I think of when I think of beauty now.”

“We need to ask ourselves how we define beauty. If that definition comes from a place of pleasing others, pleasing society, meeting societal pressures, matching up to bloggers, or to people we see on Instagram, I would encourage us to take a step back and maybe not look at it for awhile. Really press into asking, ‘Okay, God, how do you see me?’”

“If the pursuit of physical beauty starts to deplete your time and resources, that’s a sign that you may need to reevaluate the importance you’re placing on it.”

“Gratitude and thinking about our health are the two things that we can practice to find peace over the things about ourselves that we can’t change.”

“There are a lot of scriptures that address physical beauty. I don’t take those lightly at all. However, I do think that physical beauty is something that God made and that it’s a way to attract people not just in their physical look, but that it can attract them to him.”

“I think that beauty should be fun! It should create joy. It doesn’t need to be too serious. For some who have an aversion to all things physical, maybe they’re taking it too seriously.”


Kelly's Resources for Beauty

The Magic Mit 

Hydro Peptide Cleanser

Hair Moisturizer

Tip for mamas: fix your hair at night instead of in the morning. Smaller curls can be done with a smaller curling iron that will brush into looser waves in the morning.


Kelly's Simple Joys

Having a bedtime routine

Apple watch synched to scroll through her photo album favorites

Cuddling with her English Bulldog named Butters


Connect with Kelly



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